Shinola Headphones Are the Sound of Detroit

Detroit, or Motown, style dominated Soul music. While Detroit may have lost a step or two, Soul has lived on. But don’t count Detroit out. Thanks to Shinola, the city is on the rise again. And this time, the city that brought you soulful sound is bringing you sound in its purest, most vivid form.

shinola headphones sound in purest

Shinola prides itself on bringing manufacturing back to the city known for manufacturing. Shinola’s product lines include precision watches and custom-level bicycles and intricate leather products. Their vision of “creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work” continues to be realized with their addition of an audio line, with their Canfield headphones leading the way.

shinola headphones intricate leather products

The headphones aren’t cheap, ringing in between $495 to $650. But, then, you get what you pay for. The headphones are built with stainless steel components and top grain leather for the headband. The interchangeable circumaural (they enclose your ear completely) ear pads feature memory foam and are covered in lambskin, which means they only get more comfortable the more you wear them. The headphones also come equipped with an inline microphone.

shinola headphones stainless steel components

Keeping in step with Shinola’s commitment to quality, each set of headphones is acoustically attuned by sound engineers before being sent out for resale.

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shinola headphones vga jack and cable

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