They Got the Beat – Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones

UK’s Bowers & Wilkins first made a name for themselves by way of premium sound speakers developed in-house to consistently deliver a top-shelf home audio experience. The brand has most recently taken that massive sound and downsized it in scale (but not fidelity) through their P7 and P5 Headphones. Keeping the momentum at full throttle, Bowers & Wilkins has now announced their next entry in the arena of direct-to-your-eardrums audio: the P7 Wireless Headphones.

wilkins p7 wireless headphone on the bag

The P7 Wireless Headphones represent the same painstakingly quality of the previous P7s paired with the seamless wireless experience of the acclaimed P5s. Not only do the P7 Wireless Headphones therefore deliver unfettered Bluetooth-enabled streaming, but superior acoustics and sound. Expect deep bass that might very well make your spine vibrate, exceptional vocal definition, perfect balance and a broader soundstage than you’ve ever heard before. At the core of the P7 Wireless is a drive unit developed by Bowers & Wilkins with the intention of capturing the full range of frequencies and details in your music.

wilkins p7 wireless headphone on a dairy

Pair all that wonderful audio with soft memory foam ear-pads, on board controls, and a 17 hour battery life and you might very well be looking at a new standard for wireless headphones. Each set can be folded and stored in a custom-made carry case as well. Prepare for some luxury you can see, feel and hear.

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