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‘Gen V’ Finale and ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Crossover Has Been Revealed

Spin-offs usually don’t quite grab the audience quite like the main show, but Gen V, the latest spin-off from The Boys, is something else. It’s not only bloodier and gorier but also offers a fresh perspective on the Supes, expanding the universe in more ways than one. With Gen V now all set to make its return in season 2 on Prime Video, executive producer Eric Kripke spilled the beans on how the season 1 finale of the series will connect with the events of ‘The Boys’ season 4.

In a somewhat recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kripke and Michele Fazekas, both serving as showrunners for ‘The Boys’ and ‘Gen V’ respectively, dug into the intriguing synergy between the spin-off and the main TV series, unravelling what it means for the broader universe.

Kripke revealed, even before the announcement of season 2, “I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that, by the end of season 1 of Gen V, there’s a handoff to season 4 of The Boys. Then whenever we break season 4 of The Boys, there will be a handoff to the hopeful season 2 of Gen V.”

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'Gen V' (2023) | Image: Amazon Studios
‘Gen V’ (2023) | Image: Amazon Studios

The superhero spin-off follows the hormone-fueled, competitive lives of Supe teenagers at Godolkin University School of Crimefighting (God U), an exclusive institution for Supes, “as they put their physical, sexual, and moral boundaries to the test, competing for the school’s top ranking,” according to the official synopsis.

Kripke and Gen V showrunner Michele Fazekas also stressed the need for ongoing communication to harmonize their respective narratives. Kripke pointed out, “When they were breaking the virus storyline, they just had to be in regular communication with me in my room to understand, ‘Is that a thing out in the world that’ll be helpful to us or is it going to f— us?'”

Fazekas added, “Also, it can’t get too complicated. You should be able to watch Gen V and not watch The Boys. You can watch The Boys and not watch Gen V. But (the shows) talking to each other and being consistent is always important.” While we’re still a few weeks away from the season 1 finale of Gen V, episode 6, amusingly titled “Jumanji,” appears to have introduced a plot element that might have implications for the larger universe of The Boys.

Gen v finale
Image: Prime Video

The episode unveils a shocking revelation that Dean Shetty (portrayed by Shelley Conn) has been pressuring Dr. Cardosa (played by Marco Pigossi) to create a virus designed to eliminate Supes. We’ve already seen how God U has been keeping young Supes captive and conducting experiments on them within a covert facility known as the Woods.

Now, if Dean Shetty is successful, this so-called supe-killing virus could not only help Vought regain control of their creations but also manipulate them according to their will. Given how Homelander has gone rogue and has been causing increasing chaos, the introduction of such a virus could have far-reaching consequences for the Supes and the ongoing narrative.

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