7 Whisky Distilleries to Visit on Your Next Tassie Trip

Fancy a weekend cruising around whisky distilleries? Well you don’t have to fly to Scotland to visit world class distilleries any longer, just hop on a flight to Hobart and check out our local lads in Tassie making big waves on the global scene. Below is a list of top Tasmanian whisky destinations recommended by The Whisky Club.

1. Tasmania Distillery

tasmania distillery

The home of Sullivans Cove French Oak, the world’s best single malt whisky.


2. Lark Distillery

The home of Lark Single Malt Whisky and the first legal distillery in Tasmania since the 1820s.


3. Old Hobart Distillery

old hobart distillery

The home of Overeem Single Malt Whisky, fronted by father and daughter team Casey and Jane Overeem

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4. Belgrove Distillery

The home of Belgrove Rye Whisky, where distiller Peter Bignell makes world class rye whisky in the world’s only bio-diesel powered distillery

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5. William McHenry and Sons Distillery

The home of Three Capes Single Malt Whisky and the southern-most family run distillery in the world.

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6. Redlands Estate

Home to one of the only “paddock to bottle” whisky distilleries in the world. First Release to be bottled later this year, but in the meantime the distillery offers tours and even a distilling school.


7. Hellyers Road Distillery

Hellyers Road Distillery – Situated in Tasmania’s north and home to Hellyers Road Single Malt, this is Tasmania’s largest distillery.

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All images credit www.taswhiskytrail.com