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15 Best Work Christmas Party Ideas

In charge of the work Christmas party this year (either by choice or by force) and looking for the best end of year celebration ideas? Hello, welcome. You’ve come to the right article.  It’s tough going being put in charge of the work Christmas party – it’s an event people look forward to for months (unless they’re boring holiday grinches). So, you’ve gotta make sure it’s a killer party that’ll go down in the office history books. But where to start? It’s hard to please everyone – so don’t stress too much trying to find the perfect work Christmas party idea. However, we’ve got a bunch of office work party ideas that come pretty dang close to perfect and will get everyone into the Christmas and end of year spirit.

Best of Christmas Party Ideas

Epic Work Christmas Party Ideas

Let’s face the facts, it’s more or less impossible to find something that everyone will enjoy, but that’s not to say you can’t come close. In this list, we’re diving into the Christmas and non-denominational holiday ideas that will get most people on-side. Let’s get stuck in.

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Image: Rainer Eck

1. Paintball

Who it’s best for: Thrillseekers, Young people
What you’ll need: Closed-in shoes, Transportation
Pros: Fun and different idea that gets people active
Cons: It definitely hurts, isn’t the best for older people

For the best work Christmas party activity, round the office up for some paintball action. It’s fast-paced, it’s fun, it’ll drum up some office rivalry (all friendly, of course) and is just an all-round epic Chrissy party idea. We’ve got a whole list of the best paintball locations below, but if you’re Sydney-based, you can’t go past Action Paintball, a true Aussie paintball institution. If you’re in Melbourne, check out Sniper’s Den, a three-hectare paintball field with five different areas to choose from, including the 50 Piece Sup Air Tournament Field, which is the largest paintball field in Victoria.

Paintball in Sydney Paintball in Melbounre

Maksim goncharenok 1

Image: Maksim Goncharenok

2. Boat Party

Who it’s best for: Luxury hounds, Partiers
What you’ll need: Closed-in shoes, Transportation, Boat, Lots of drinks
Pros: It’s always fun to get out on the water
Cons: It’s a pricey day out

It’s impossible to have a bad time at a boat party (unless, ya know, you’re prone to sea sickness) but for the most part, an office Christmas boat party is an amazing way to end the year. There are plenty of ways to do it too, you can hire the boat and captain and deck out the boat with your own decorations and food (the cheaper way to do it), or get a package deal where it’s all done for you (we’d take that option TBH). Don’t forget to pack your Travacalm, folks!

3 pub crawl cottonbro studio 1

Image: Cottonbro Studio

3. Pub Crawl

Who it’s best for: Partiers, Lazy organisers, Large groups
What you’ll need: A booking!
Pros: Cheap, It’s the easiest party to organise, People can partake as much or as little as they want
Cons: It’s been done before, Not the most exciting

If your office loves to get on the drink (because same), a pub crawl is an easy and fun way to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year. Map out a route, get the team to don their best Santa/Elf outfits and off you go! It’s also one of the more cost-effective Christmas parties because you don’t have to hire a venue/organise catering. Just keep in mind a pub crawl is probably best for a small to midsize office, because you don’t want to rock up with 50+ staff and have half of you turned away due to space limits!

Best pubs in Brisbane Best pubs in Melbourne Best pubs in Sydney

4 go karting alex andrews 1

Image: Alex Andrews

4. Go-Karting

Who it’s best for: Thrillseekers, Young people, Small groups
What you’ll need: Closed-in shoes, Transportation
Pros: It’s a lot of fun and perfect for small groups
Cons: Isn’t the best for older people

While go-karting might not be the first work Christmas party idea that comes to mind, it’s definitely one to consider! Get the heart racing and adrenaline pumping as you race around the track and try to beat your boss in a high-speed (kind of) race. Just make sure you do this before you hit the pubs/get on the drinks. We’ve got a list of the best go-karting places in Sydney below, or for our Melbourne pals check out Le Mans in Dandenong South, with an epic outdoor track with plenty of twists and turns to really get the adrenaline going.

Go-karting in Sydney Go-karting in Adelaide

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Image: Sydney harbour Escapes

5. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Who it’s best for: Thrillseekers, Experience hunters
What you’ll need: Closed-in shoes, Transportation
Pros: Completely different idea that gets people out and about
Cons: Expensive, It’s a little out of the ordinary, so it can be awkward if not everyone is into it

Laser clay pigeon shooting isn’t as horrifying as it sounds (there are no real pigeons killed, we promise). Rather, get ready to aim, and fire at clay pigeons as they fly through the air and your goal is to shoot ‘em down. Using authentic 12-gauge shotguns that have been converted to fire laser beams, this is a truly thrilling activity for the whole office to enjoy (and you can even do it from a boat?!) How it works is when the shooter scores a hit, the beam is reflected back to the gun and registers on the electronic scoreboard. A unique Chrissy party idea, that’s for sure!

Shooting ranges in Sydney

Maniax feature


6. Axe Throwing

Who it’s best for: Thrillseekers, Experience hunters, Partiers
What you’ll need: Closed-in shoes, Transportation
Pros: Fun day out, You can also drink (afterwards) and eat
Cons: Expensive, It be hard to get a booking late in the year

Not just for people with anger issues, a round of axe throwing is a super fun team-bonding experience. We recommend MANIAX, the first urban axe throwing company in Australia, established in 2014 – so you know these guys know their stuff. With venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, you won’t leave MANIAX without making some epic, kick-ass memories with your colleagues.

Kiss My Axe MANIAX

Escape rooms canberra

Image: Escape Rooms Canberra

7. Escape Rooms

Who it’s best for: Small groups, Mixed ages
What you’ll need: A booking,
Pros: Something different that forces you to work as a team
Cons: You’ll find out which of your workmates is a control freak (in case you haven’t already!)

A terrible first-date idea, but a killer office Christmas party idea, if you want to put your deduction skills to the test and see who the ultimate office escape artist is, an escape room is the way to do it. Not to mention it’s a great team-building exercise as you work together to find clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges before the time runs out. With bragging rights for the team who escapes fastest, an escape room is a Christmas work party you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Escape rooms in Sydney Escape rooms in Melbourne Escape rooms in Brisbane

8 golf simulators precision golf 1

Image: Precision Golf

8. Golf Simulators

Who it’s best for: Small groups, Mixed ages
What you’ll need: A booking, Coordination
Pros: A relaxed active option, good for sports lovers, You don’t need to book a course
Cons: If you aren’t into golf, it can be boring

What better way to kick off an office Christmas party than a round of simulated golf? You don’t have to be a golf pro or even like golf to enjoy simulated golf. We like Precision Golf in Chatswood, which has par 3 courses, easy courses, hard courses. You can even set the course to wind, or fast greens. Also, Precision Golf is all under cover (great in case La Ninia strikes) and you don’t have to chase golf balls! You don’t have to visit a golf simulator either, you could gather the team and head to a driving range, or mini-golf course, too. If you’re in Melbourne, check out Big Swing Golf!

Best mini-golf in Sydney

9 murder mystery party victoria akvarel 1

Image: Victoria Akvarel

9. Murder Mystery Party

Who it’s best for: Small groups, Theatre fans
What you’ll need: A booking
Pros: Similar to an escape room, it’s something different that forces you to work as a team
Cons: expensive, It can be boring if you don’t get a good one!

Love a whodunit game? Nothing beats a murder mystery party! You can even do this one from your office, if you want to keep the budget low. Dress up in your fanciest gear, choose a murderer, assign the other key characters and away you go. This is a fun one to get the team excited and in good spirits (especially with a few cocktails in hand too), before kicking on for the rest of the night. If it’s your first time hosting a murder mystery, there are plenty of online resources to help get you started.

10 pizza making class anna shvets 1

Image: Anna Shvets

10. Pizza/Pasta Making Class

Who it’s best for: Large groups, Foodies
What you’ll need: Closed-in shoes, Old clothes
Pros: A messy day of fun that can lead to drinks afterwards
Cons: It’s definitely not the most exciting option

Have an office full of foodies? Why not book a pizza/pasta making class. A great way to upskill on your Italian cooking skills with the added bonus of having all your party food already catered for! Cucina Italiana in Sydney has a range of authentic Italian cuisine cooking classes – they even have a school in Venice, if ya know, you wanted to host your Chrissy party in Italy. Perché no?

Man bowling as people look at him in background

Image: Gymea Bowling Club

11. Lawn Bowls

Who it’s best for: Large groups, Older people
What you’ll need: Closed-in shoes
Pros: A classic option that suits everyone
Cons: It’s been done before,

A true office party classic, a round of lawn bowls is a laid-back way to kick-off the work Christmas party. You’ve got sunshine, you’ve got greenery, you’ve got beers and chippies… you can’t go wrong with a lawn bawls office Christmas party. There are plenty of lawn bowls venues across each state, so it’s a good shout for last minute Christmas parties too!

Barefoot bowls in Sydney

12 paint sip pinot and picasso 1

Image: Pinot & Picasso

12. Paint & Sip

Who it’s best for: Large groups, Art fans
What you’ll need: Creativity, Drinks
Pros: A messy day of fun that can lead to drinks afterwards
Cons: It can be hard if you aren’t an art fan

Looking for a bit more of a refined and creative work Christmas party idea? Well, what about a paint & sip experience? There’s definitely been a recent rise in the popularity of paint & sip classes like the ones put forward by Pinot & Picasso, and for good reason. Learn to paint a masterpiece (which you can then gift as a Chrissy present!), while you sip on a lovely glass of vino or two with your office mates.

13 drag show quino al 1

Image: Quino Al

13. Drag Show

Who it’s best for: Large groups, Partiers
What you’ll need: Money, A good sense of humour
Pros: Easy to organise and a lot of fun
Cons: It’s not for everyone

For a wild and raucous Christmas work party, a drag show is sure to be a hit. Drag shows have become increasingly popular in mainstream culture and we couldn’t be happier about it. With incredible performances and stupid amounts of fun, a drag show will get the whole time into the Christmas and end of year spirit. There are several drag palaces across Sydney (we love The Imperial Hotel), and in Melbourne, you’ll find Mollie’s Bar and Diner to be one of the best drag venues in the city.

14 fight each other corporate fighter 1

Image: Corporate Fighter

14. Fight Each Other

Who it’s best for: Small groups, Fitness fans
What you’ll need: Booking, Gloves, Some restraint
Pros: Something completely different
Cons: Not good for older people, Expensive

Have some office beef that needs to get sorted? Maybe you need to fight it out … literally? Just kidding, we don’t condone violence of any sort, particularly in the workplace. This addition has more to do with teamwork and a collective desire to get fitter and have fun all together. For example, Corporate Fighter is an epic 10-week boxing experience that will see your chosen staff members train with industry professionals for 10 weeks and then have a once-in-a-lifetime fight night. You can tee-up the fight to align with your work Christmas party – watching your co-workers box it out before kicking on with a celebratory pub crawl, perhaps. If you’re looking for the best fighting experience,  Corporate Fighter is the way to do it, with events across Sydney, Newcastle, Western Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

Check it out

15 karoake rodnae productions 1

Image: RODNAE Productions

15. Karaoke

Who it’s best for: Partiers, Lazy organisers, Large groups
What you’ll need: A booking!
Pros: Cheap, It’s the easiest party to organise, People can partake as much or as little as they want
Cons: It’s been done before, Not the most exciting

Is it really an office Christmas party if you don’t belt out some Shania or ABBA? If you’ve got a particularly brave office, you can start the night with sober karaoke, or save it for after the drinks and food when everyone’s feeling a little more loosey goosey and in a proper party spirit and ready to take over the microphone. There are countless karaoke bars dotted around the major cities, so find your fave, book a room and start your vocal warm-ups!

Karaoke bars in Melbourne Karaoke bars in Sydney

Work Christmas Party Guide

Now, it goes without saying, but anything work-related generally has some rules thrown in and the Christmas/End of Year party is no exception. Before you take things too far and wind up making an absolute grog monster of yourself, take the time to assess the situation and make sure you still have job come next year. Here is our list of Dos and Dont’s.

What to Do

  • Dress up: Getting dressed up is half the fun of a Christmas party! Party shirts, glitter, accessories… you name it, anything goes (well, maybe don’t turn up starkers but you should definitely have a bit of fun with your work Christmas party fit! Just remember to wear closed-in shoes – you never know where the night might take you!
  • Bring the energy: Don’t forget to bring the energy and good vibes – no office whinging or gossip allowed! It’s the end of the year, holidays are just around the corner so there’s every reason to be on your best and most fun behaviour.
  • Mingle: Look, it’s tempting to stick with your usual office crew, but mingling at the work Christmas party is a great way to meet some team members you don’t normally talk to. Who knows, you might find a new office BFF.
  • Themes: Themed office Christmas parties are a great way to amp up the spirit of the day, from coming dressed as something that starts with the first letter of your name, to an 80’s theme, heroes vs villains – the themed choices are endless.

What Not to Do

  • Get too drunk: Look, no one wants to wake up the morning after the work Christmas party not remembering a damn thing because they drank too much. Have fun, let your hair down, but go easy on the beveragino2, ok?
  • Forget to drink water: Along with taking it easy on the alcohol, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It’s key to staying hydrated (obviously) but pro tip: it’s the best way to wake up without a hangover too.
  • Leave early: Not everyone is a social creature/enjoys Christmas work parties, but try your best not to smoke bomb too quickly. It’s not great for team morale! Stay for a couple of hours if you can, and don’t forget to say goodbye when you leave.
  • Critique the music: No one likes the person who complains all night about the music, so don’t be that person. If everyone’s taking turns choosing the playlist, wait your turn! Or, if the person who organised the party is in charge of the tunes, let them choose whatever they want (and if you want a say in the music next year, volunteer to organise the party).

Alternatives to Best Christmas Party Ideas

Nothing tickle ya fancy on this list? Or looking for more ideas on how to host a party, excellent party games or need a new Hawaiian shirt for the office Christmas party? We’ve got you covered.

General FAQs

What can you do for a Christmas party?

There are so many things you can do for a Christmas party – it can be overwhelming to decide! Start by figuring out how many people are coming, and go from there. For smaller groups, booking out a room at a restaurant could be a good idea before hitting a karaoke bar. For larger groups, a boat party is always a good time, or a murder mystery party, perhaps?

What are good Christmas party themes?

Hawaiian shirt themed party, come as your favourite Hollywood star, heroes vs villains, famous dead people, classic 80’s… honestly, anything can be a good Christmas party theme. Get creative – the wackier, the more memorable!


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