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100+ Best Cyber Monday Deals & Discounts | Man of Many

As the sales keep rolling in, we’ll keep updating the article. For now, here is a list of the best Cyber Monday sales for 2020.

Best Cyber Monday 2020 Featured Sales

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Approximately 15 years ago, the concept of Cyber Monday emerged in the U.S., establishing itself as a digital counterpart to the brick-and-mortar Black Friday sales. Initially created to bolster the then-fledgling world of online shopping, it has since blossomed into an integral part of the biggest sales weekend globally. As an international phenomenon now, nations across the globe participate in the Black Friday to Cyber Monday frenzy, presenting massive savings and discounts both online and in physical stores.

What is Cyber Monday?

Historically, Black Friday wasn’t a significant event for Australian retailers, with many reserving their premier offers for Cyber Monday. Although this dynamic has evolved in recent years, resulting in an extended weekend of sales, it’s worth noting that certain brands still promote exclusive Cyber Monday deals. Specifically, Cyber Monday is an e-commerce term for the Monday succeeding the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. Initially conceptualized as an online event to rival and supplement the physical Black Friday deals, these shopping holidays have since intertwined, forming a unified shopping experience that seamlessly bridges both in-person and digital realms.

The Origins of Cyber Monday

This year, Cyber Monday is slated for Monday, 27 November 2023. Throughout the day, expect a plethora of substantial sales and discounts from retailers in the US and beyond. While the main event is a one-day affair, some retailers extend their promotions across the entire weekend. As always, it’s wise to act promptly, as the most sought-after Cyber Monday deals of 2023 will likely be snapped up swiftly.

When is Cyber Monday 2023?

It’s rare to find a retailer abstaining from Cyber Monday promotions. Notably, this year has ushered in numerous brands and marketplaces that are making their Cyber Monday/Black Friday debut with particularly enticing offers.

Where to Shop During Cyber Monday 2023?

While Australia didn’t traditionally observe Black Friday, leading to a lack of initial enthusiasm for Cyber Monday, this sentiment has radically changed. Embraced as an opportunity for a major pre-Christmas sale, Cyber Monday’s popularity has surged in recent years, claiming the title of Australia’s premier sales event.

Does Australia Celebrate Cyber Monday?

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