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Why Not Having Sex is Actually Bad for You

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If only we could live in a world where every doctor’s visit ended with the following recommendation: “You should be having more sex!” As dreamy it may seem, there are indeed a number of potential health benefits to a proactive sex life. Some are quite obvious when you really think about them. For instance, men who have regular sex or orgasms tend to be in a better mood (duh). That’s not to mention the fact that sex itself is a physical experience and one that requires a certain tier of fitness, flexibility, and endurance…when you’re doing it right, at least. It sure as heck beats going to the gym!

On the flip side of that coin, there are potential health risks to not having a sex life. The good news is that many of these risks can be mitigated by masturbation. What remains vital is that you’re having regular orgasms and experiencing robust libido. In other words, you should want to have sex even when you’re not having sex. And if you’re not having sex, you should be masturbating on a fairly consistent basis. Hopefully, these are some of the greatest words you’ve ever read!

To be clear, too much of anything can do more harm than good. That is, you shouldn’t be treating sex as a drug because that’s what it will become. Not only can excessive amounts of sex with multiple partners render all kinds of emotional havoc, but it can dilute the pleasure factor by cranking up your threshold for satisfaction. Suddenly, you find yourself chasing the dragon and resorting to extremes because regular sex and standard orgasms simply aren’t cutting it anymore. As with all things in life, moderation is key.

So what exactly happens to our bodies when we don’t have enough sex? We’re glad you asked. Here are some ways that not having sex can potentially impact your health:

1. Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer

According to studies, men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have a lower risk of prostate cancer than those who ejaculate just 4-7 times a month. Men who ejaculated less than 4 times a month also had an increased risk of dying from other medical conditions.

2. Weakened Immune System

Regular sex can reportedly help with immune function, blood pressure, and managing stress levels. Close contact with another human being—even if it’s not sexual contact—has also been shown to improve the body’s immune functions.

Just a reminder: your immune system is like a built-in military that responds to foreign threats such as toxins, viruses, allergens, and bacteria. Keeping it healthy is absolutely fundamental to your ongoing state of comfort and well-being.

3. Blue Balls

Here’s one that might take you back to your earliest days of orgasms. Put simply, “blue balls” refers to the heaviness or achiness in the testicles you may experience after being aroused but not ejaculating. While not dangerous, it’s certainly unpleasant and for obvious reasons. The last place you want to feel discomfort is in your testicles!

4. Stress

Your reproductive system is basically like a volcano. Hold back all you want, but sooner or later, that thing is gonna blow. Meanwhile, too much suppression can yield negative effects on your mental state, including stress, anxiety, and feelings of spite or alienation. That’s especially true in the modern world.

It’s therefore quite important that you release yourself from the burden of a pent-up sex drive. If you’re struggling to find a sexual partner, masturbation never fails. As you may soon discover, orgasms feel quite good. They can also do wonders for your stress levels, presuming you don’t go overboard.


A recent study found that sexual inactivity has increased amongst US adults and especially amongst younger men. But the evidence shows that regular sex—either with a partner or yourself—can have mental and physical benefits. Not only that, but a lack of sex can lead to various health risks.

To increase sexual activity and thereby bolster your personal fitness levels, consider Vault Health. Their Sex Kit and Libido Kit have been respectively designed to improve sexual desire, boost energy levels, intensify orgasms, and even strengthen emotional bonds. With the rejuvenation of your sex drive comes a number of health benefits to your mind and body alike.

The first step is to visit Vault Health and fill out a brief questionnaire. Next, you’ll be connected with a medical professional by way of a virtual telehealth portal. Should you qualify for a treatment plan, it will be shipped straight to your door in a quick and discreet manner. Support is ongoing and a team member is always within reach.

Get back in the saddle and avoid the negative pitfalls of sexual dormancy. Your personal health could be depending on it. Plus, who the heck are you to argue with orgasms?

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