Influencer Sells Bathwater and Can’t Keep Up with Demand

In a move that can only be seen as a test of the depth of social depravity, Belle Delphine, the social media star known for her raunchy, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) cosplay content, has decided to start selling her bathwater for USD$30 a bottle on her online store.

Belle Delphine is the pseudonym of British-based cosplayer and model Mary-Belle Kirschner.

Delphine has gained over 4 million followers on Instagram by posting photos and videos of herself with very little clothing and performing ‘ahegao’ facial expressions – a drawing genre in Japanese Hentai Comics, in which mainly female characters show during sexual intercourse to display intense sexual pleasure, and sometimes used in Japanese anime and manga porn

 The 19-year-old this week posted a photo and a video on her Instagram account, allowing any of her 4 million “THIRSTY gamer boys” who follow her to buy some of her used suds.

And it seems social perversion knows no limits; only a few days later, on Friday, Delphine posted another video claiming to have sold out of her liquid gold. 

But, don’t despair if you missed out, as she has promised she will be making more, it is merely a supply and demand issue saying, “It been honestly a weird couple of days taking SO many baths LMAO I didn’t expect this many people to be so interested, but if you wanted one…they will be back soon!”

Delphine made headlines last month when she told her legion of fans that she would create an account on PornHub if one of her photos received 1 million likes. The photo has attracted just under 2 million at the time of writing, but instead of giving her fans what they may have expected, she posted bizarre videos of herself eating a photo of PewDiePie and playing with her cat amongst others. 

While some of her fans may have been into it, not surprising, her latest stunt has stirred a significant backlash.  

“What the f**k has happened to r generation..?” wrote one. 

“This is the dumbest and nastiest shit I’ve seen,” wrote another. 

Others have applauded Delphine’s entrepreneurial hustle. 

“I have a ton of respect for this girl,” one person wrote on Twitter. “She makes money with idiots. Best way to make money, take it from stupid people, make them spend all on this nonsense, plz!” 

YouTuber Ethan Klein said: “Congratulations Belle on all your continued success.” 

However, it appears clear that all is not as it seems with the avant-garde. She may, in fact, be a lot craftier than people think. 

When confronted by somebody on Instagram who wrote “Pretty sure someone was hospitalised from your bathwater”, Delphine replied, “If u can’t tell that its fake news you should really look at ur sources! I haven’t even shipped out any bottles yet because I’ve been too busy filling them up!”