XTND is the World’s First Electric Board to Feature Artificial Intelligence

The XTND electric board is the ultimate vehicle for urban travelling because life’s too short to be stuck in traffic. XTND is more than stylish. It’s also the lightest and smartest of its kind. Meet the world’s first board built with artificial intelligence.

The board’s AI learns your riding style and adapts to improve performance and battery life. The pressure sensors can detect your stance. If it’s incorrect, the board won’t move, saving you from potential injury. XTND tracks your daily routes and offers faster paths depending on traffic. It even knows which routes have better terrain or smaller elevation to save battery. If you jump off while in motion, the board starts braking and stops automatically, so it won’t run into traffic.

xtnd electric board in the hand

The XTND Board is safe in every possible way. Forget the speed wobbles. The board smoothly regulates your speed to reduce the risk. The smart security and notification system make it virtually impossible for anyone unauthorised to get hold of your board and use it. You can lock your board though the app that notifies you if it’s moved while locked. Even if it is, the board is useless without the remote, and its GPS tracking makes it easy to find again.

men sitting beside xtnd electric board

XTND has a top speed of 45km/h and can travel around 20km on a single charge. Charging the board takes an hour, and the battery can be replaced. The creators of XTND took to Kickstarter to fund the board and have already doubled the initial goal of $100,000. There’s still plenty of time to secure a board before the campaign ends.

The XTND electric board with artificial intelligence is designed to be fun, efficient and has the potential to make cities smarter and healthier places to live.

xtnd electric board light

xtnd electric board riding xtnd electric board side view

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