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Think You Know How to Swear? Think Again.

Do you think you know how to swear? Think again, you God damn son of a bitch.

If you really want to learn how to swear and do so in the most offensive and impactful way, you have to check out Stephen Wildish’s new all-important manual, How to Swear. This illustrated guide is Wildish’s deep dive into the proper way to be profane.

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Utilizing charts and graphs, Stephen takes you through a wild crash course in building effective insults and damaging slander. How to Swear teach you the most crucial parts of speech a four letter word can fulfill so you don’t misplace your acerbic remarks or cast them in ineffective ways.

The nearly two-hundred page hardcover book will do more than just impress your friends. It will transform your nasty vernacular in such a way, the targets of your insults won’t be offended, but in awe.

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