GoCube Gives Rubik’s Cube a 21st Century Upgrade

First introduced in the 1970s, Rubik’s Cube remains as popular now as it ever was. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t use a modern-day upgrade. Here to provide that upgrade is GoCube, a new puzzle that’s already soared hundreds of thousands of dollars over its funding goal on Kickstarter. Not only does GoCube tout a smooth, luminous design, but it’s equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling some next-level capabilities. At long last, this iconic puzzle is as smart as the very people who solve it.

go cube and go cube edge

Thanks to its new injection of smart technology, GoCube is like a coach, a friend, and a puzzle all rolled into one. Sync it with the adjoining app to gain access to a world of incredible features. If you’re a novice, the app will help mentor you into becoming an expert. Also available are a variety of games, missions, and challenges. Opt for the advanced version, GoCube Edge, and you gain access to an online league, where you can compete against other cubers.

Between its technological features, LED indicators, and silky smooth design, GoCube is a modern puzzle lover’s dream come true. Get in on those early bird specials while you still can.

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