Who Invented The Fidget Spinner? Man of Many Investigates

Despite being one of the stupidest fads to hit the shelves since forever, the fidget spinner has taken the world by storm, and bored fidgeters across the globe are finding themselves distracted for hours on end incessantly spinning these ball-bearing toys with no apparent end-game or particular goal. While a Tamagotchi would die if you didn’t feed it, a yo-yo lent itself to a raft of excellent tricks and Tazos were collectible AF (I mean, if you didn’t have at least one complete set then you didn’t eat enough Thins), the fidget spinner has no soul-fulfilling reward whatsoever. None at all.

If you or somebody you know has fallen victim to the apparently hypnotic charms of one of these moronic toys, you may have found yourself wondering who the hell actually invented the fidget spinner, and why they would do such a thing.

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The true story is actually a bittersweet tale, as some rudimentary digging through the web reveals that the toy was originally patented by a woman named Catherine Hettinger as early as 1997. She pitched the spinning device to Hasbro, who rejected it at the time. Fast forward 20 years and the patent Hettinger had originally lodged has expired. In turn, Hasbro are making millions of these distracting discs of centrifugal force.

The clincher? Though not revealed in the video above, Hettinger has stated in at least one interview that her first inspiration to invent the toy was a desire to distract kids, after she saw a video of children throwing rocks at police officers in Israel. That’s right. The fidget spinner was designed to bring peace to the Middle East. Despite US-backed peace talks falling apart in 2014, and a holy war that has raged on for over a millennia, it could come to pass that all the war-torn region ever needed was a f**king fidget spinner.

Anyway, Catherine’s been duped out of a huge stack of cash and her intentions, misguided as they may have been, are noble, so click the link below and support her Kickstarter campaign to produce an initial run of original fidget spinners. Who knows. You might save the world.

Check it out

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