Mezmoglobe is Your New Favourite Desk Toy

Meet Mezmoglobe, a kinetic desk toy that might very well put you into a hypnotic state in the middle of your day job. Indeed, the nifty product is already working its magic over on Kickstarter, where it’s approaching 300K on an initial funding goal of just under 4K. CNC machined out of aerospace grade aluminium, and equipped with both a leather layer and stainless steel bearing, Mezmoglobe resembles a smooth, silent, flowing helix, the kind of which imparts a stirring 360° optical illusion.

mezmoglobe desk toy gold color

Mezmoglobe comes to us from Kristoph Krisjans, an innovative designer who’s launched six previous products on Kickstarter, all of which subsequently came to fruition. Needless to say, Krisjans knows how to make triumphant desk toys, and this one is no exception. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or creativity, Mezmoglobe is bound to induce the desired effect. Plus, if nothing else, it makes for one heck of a dynamic sculpture, which can change patterns as well as direction and speed of rotation.

mezmoglobe desk toy in hand

A perfect gift for yourself or for others, Mezmoglobe is both thoroughly modern and resoundingly precise. Give it a spin and watch it flow. And, you know, try to get some work done while you’re at it.

Check it out

mezmoglobe round shape

mezmoglobe round shape on the table

mezmoglobe spinning desk