This Bad Lip Reading of The Royal Wedding is Positively Hilarious

Bad lip reading videos are, without doubt, the flavour du jour on YouTube. We’ve touched on them before, for example the Zuckerberg interrogation before congress last month, which was hilarious in its own right, bad lip reading or not. We’ve also mentioned the Mayweather Vs. McGregor farce, which too was already enough reason to laugh (but still made us chuckle).

With the Royal Wedding still a hot topic on everybody’s lips, the legends at Bad Lip Reading (or BLR), a YouTube channel devoted to misinterpreting every video lacking proper audio, have gone ahead and made this cracker of an attempt at the footage, and giving us a hilarious, if not macabre look into the minds of the world’s most famous (and beloved) royals.

We’ll leave you to enjoy it without too many spoilers, but be warned: Harry has killed a LOT of giraffes.

Who’d have thought?

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