Cami Romero in “A Place Beyond the Desert”

On behalf of Man of Many, I wish to extend my sincerest apologies for not bringing this article to your attention sooner. When we featured Argentinian stunner Cami Romero back in March, I failed to realise that the content was only part one of a larger, more awesome photoshoot. Finally, after an arduous 4-month wait, I bring you part two.

Hopefully, you can still take pleasure in Cami flaunting her natural curves both in and out of that classic Dodge Challenger. Moving forward, I will strive to bring you more of this brunette babe in a timely manner.

The images were shot in the desert outside of Dubai over a two hour period. C-Heads says the Argentinian beauty will “Blow your mind off.” That sounds about right.

PhotographerTiago Ribeiro
ModelCami Romero

cami romero sitting hand on the mouth

cami romero photo shoot in the dusk

cami romero black and white image

cami romero in car headlights

cami romero darkness

cami romero beautiful eyes

cami romero seductive pose

cami romero seductive pose hand on the head

cami romero in car back lights

cami romero sexy pose

cami romero darkness photo shoot

cami romero in dodge challenger headlights

cami romero sitting on the sand

Cami Romero topless large

cami romero inside dodge challenger

cami romero topless in dodge challenger

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