Kirsten Ciel Lauder Shines in Golden Lights

Kirsten Ciel Lauder is the hottest Greek / Scottish hybrid since deep fried tzatziki, and in this latest shoot for C-Heads magazine, she’s on top of her game. Golden Lights was shot by Joseph Alexiadis at Schinias beach in the National Park of Schinias-Marathon, North-East of Attica in Greece. Alexiadis introduces a warm element of nostalgia into his series for C-Heads, drawing the salient features of each shot from Kirsten bathed in natural lighting, in completely organic surrounds.

kirsten ciel lauder wearing black bra and panties

Lauder doesn’t flirt or play with the camera in the same coquettish way other models would, rather she works with her photographer to engage with her environment, creating a wider contextual and critical frame for the viewer, rather than a tawdry soft-core porn shoot. She’s undeniably stunning, but the shots go deeper than just a few skimpy outfits and a 10/10 rig.

kirsten ciel lauder standing in the water

C-Heads are one of our favourite sites for tasteful photography, and continue to deliver on the goods.

Check it out

kirsten ciel lauder sitting in the dust

kirsten ciel lauder standing on the road

kirsten ciel lauder lying down in the dust

kirsten ciel lauder hand on the waist

kirsten ciel lauder in the sunlights

kirsten ciel lauder walking on the road

kirsten ciel lauder standing hand on the head

kirsten ciel lauder in the jungles

kirsten ciel lauder standing beside ocean

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