Optik Instruments’ Horizon Wristwatch Deconstructs the Way We Tell Time

British design firm Optik Instruments is gearing up to launch its new Horizon wristwatch that could shake-up the way we tell time. It makes a whole lot of sense. We think you’ll agree. Horizon is bold. It disregards seconds and minutes to tell time in a more general, arguably rational way.

Horizon’s primary waypoints are at 15-minute intervals at quarter past, half-past and quarter-to the hour. We already use this terminology to convey the time to others. Think about it. How often do you say things like “it’s just gone half-past” or “it’s quarter to four” instead of using the exact time?

optik horizon watch wearing in the hand

The central disc of Horizon’s watch face also rotates once in 24 hours with a red line as the reference point. After some use, you will be able to tell the time at a glance, just by looking at the angle of the horizon. You can use all the reference markings together to gauge the current time with precision.

Horizon may appear counter-intuitive at first. However, once you’ve seen the watch in action, you will immediately understand that this approach is simple and engaging.

Horizon has a striking appearance. It’s designed to be immediately recognisable as an Optik instrument. The disc watch face is designed and tested thoroughly for weight, balance and shock protection, with the Swiss movement tested for accuracy, deviation and longevity. The Optik team spent over a year refining their design to perfection.

optik horizon watch silver color

Horizon is equal parts function and form with stacks of personalisation options, things you don’t typically find in anything other than a smartwatch.

Horizon can be worn on the wrist with the crown facing towards or away from the body. You can use either colour of the disc as day or night and, if you prefer, use the time-zone lines as your time reference. You can even use the red reference line at the bottom or top of the disc. It’s all entirely up to you.

Each Horizon watch is engraved with a unique serial number and presented in a specially designed case that’s paired with a celebration booklet. Optik Instruments offers a five-year warranty for peace of mind.

optik horizon watch yellow and white combination

Optik Instruments is taking Horizon to Kickstarter on the 27th February 2018. The innovative wristwatch will be offered in a limited quantity at £199 (Approx. AUD $353). Horizon comes in four distinct versions: Flagship, Billet, Navigator and Tech.

Visit their Kickstarter here

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optik horizon watch dials

optik horizon watch back side

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