Gripbell is the Smart Solution to a Dumbbell Problem

It seems that every week there is a new advancement in the world of fitness; whether it’s a new way to work out or a new piece of equipment, unless you’re a personal trainer, you won’t be blamed for finding it hard to keep up. But here’s one that’s got great reason to be an instant hit. Anybody who’s ever mucked around with a kettlebell knows two truths. One: they are one of the best ways to get a full-body workout that includes unbalanced weights, cardio and stretching whole muscle-groups, and two: they are bulky, uncomfortable and, to be frank, can be pretty dangerous.

Enter Gripbell, a very clever new development from Californian start-up BarXBell LLC, which blew up on Kickstarter. The Gripbell employs the same concept as a kettlebell, but has a unique design that makes it much safer and more comfortable to use, while also doubling as a dumbbell. It’s not hard to see these replacing dumbbells in the home gym entirely, in fact – with two of them you can perform just about any bench exercise you normally would with more conventional weights, but with the added comfort and flexibility of weight distribution, depending on your grip. They come in 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12-pound models and with a bit of creativity, can be incorporated into just about any exercise regime (or even yoga session) you can think of.

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