The Caavo Streaming Device Brings Unity to all Your Entertainment Gear

Experiencing tribal conflicts between your entertainment devices? Is it like a digital Lord of the Flies in your hacienda? Well, no more jack. Say hello to the great unifier, the people’s device, the statesman of gadgets… the Caavo Streaming Device.

caavo streaming tv device top side

Caavo will connect your TV, streaming, and gaming brick-a-brak into one, handsome unit that fits in well with any decor. It will bring unity to all of your favorite apps, live broadcasts, and DVR content into one user-friendly interface enabling you to easily find what you’re looking for and search for more. Caavo makes your TV/s easily accessible with an easy to use voice-enabled remote control. That includes all of your joysticks and old remotes.

Tech Specs & Features: 

  • Smart switch w/ 8 HDMI inputs
  • IR blaster, 2 USBs, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
  • Universal remote (Bluetooth) w/ voice control
  • Alexa skill facultative control, and Google Home
  • Deep links to watch later and DVR lists
  • Auto recognition of connected devices
  • Comes in a selection of woodgrain finishes

The box itself is as fashionable as any AV device on the market right now- if not more so, (making your wife less likely to complain about it). It’s packed full of HDMI ports and other connections such USB and Ethernet- all within an unobtrusive wooden case or pick from among several charming styles, cupcake. Another interesting part of the package is the universal remote that has precious few keys on it to help stop you getting confused and throwing it out. The spartan remote also has a matching wood back. Adorable!

Preorders ship in May and are available for $400 USD

Check it out

caavo streaming box

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