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Seiko LX Prospex watch

Seiko’s Prospex LX Line is Everything You Want Out of a Classic Sport Watch

Japanese watchmaker Seiko made history when they introduced a new Professional Diver’s Watch in 1968. With its 10-beat high precision automatic calibre, one-piece architecture, screw-down protection crown, and unidirectional rotating bezel, the watch set a defining design template that lives on to this day. Commemorative editions have emerged over the years, but the brand recently went all-in on the resurrection and refinement of their benchmark achievement.

More stylish and robust than ever before, the Prospex LX Line carries on the tradition of versatile performance and impeccable design. By land, sea, or sky, the collection captures the pure spirit of experience and exploration. Each signature model —including three limited-edition iterations—injects heritage DNA with a contemporary flourish to absolute success. Your next adventure simply isn’t complete without one.

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You might see the letters “LX” and think “luxury” and Seiko’s latest collection does indeed impart a certain luxurious aesthetic. In that regard, each model looks just as good under the club lights as it does underwater. However, the letters actually refer to the Latin word for “light,” a clever nod to the way light reflects off the flat surfaces and unique angles of each case. The iconic dial layout likewise emits a certain radiance and that’s before the Lumibrite even kicks in. These beauties shine in both the literal and figurative sense, hence the LX moniker.

When bringing their Prospex LX Line to life, Seiko enlisted the services of industrial master Ken Okuyama. As the world’s first non-Italian to ever design a Ferrari, Okuyama definitely knows a thing or two about craftsmanship, creativity, and performance. Not one to mess with excellence, he preserved the particular strengths of the line’s 1968 predecessor before making improvements. The resulting collection draws from the best of two respective eras, blending timeless aesthetic elements with modern components.

Okuyama was careful not to redesign Seiko’s original beyond recognition, even when injecting it with newfound beauty and allure. Everything that made the original 1968 dive watch such an outright classic is still here but in updated form. Thanks to a design layout with a lower centre of gravity, each model looks and feels greater than ever before. Representing yet another advanced feature, the line runs on Seiko 5R Spring Drive calibre. Ideal for all sorts of adventures, this movement (and its forebearers) has survived trips into space and to the top of Mount Everest, to name just a few extreme locations.

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When speaking on the Prospex LX Line, Okuyama said the following: “My aim was to take the unique inheritance and integrity that Seiko has built in sports watches over the decades and to bring them alive in a design that has simplicity, harmony, power, and presence. The Prospex LX is a true Seiko with a thoroughly contemporary feel.’’

Seiko’s Prospex LX line-up currently consists of nine glorious models. While each one is special in its own way, the new G.M.T SNR049J1 Limited Edition stands out from the pack. A graded dial and two-toned coloured sapphire glass bezel take cues from the planet’s stratospheric colour changes, which go from black to blue. The case’s signature finish exhibits different appearances depending on exterior light angles, just like the Earth as it rotates under the sun.

Taken as a whole, the mighty G.M.T SNR049J Limited Edition conjures a mystic vision of our beautiful planet as seen from space. It also happens to be one heck of a high-performance watch. Water-resistant to 200m, it features G.M.T. function and a 72-hour power reserve. The 44.8mm case and silver bracelet are crafted from lightweight titanium and all the more durable as a result. This one’s limited to just 400 units worldwide and it starts shipping in December.

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Another personal favourite from the Prospex LX family is the SNR031J1. Dressed in black with luminous accents, this timepiece is as sleek as they come. It’s water-resistant to 300m and equipped with curved sapphire crystal protection, which features anti-reflective coating on the inner surface. The case is tough as nails thanks to titanium construction with superhard coating and the strap is made from silicon. Cloak the watch in darkness and behold the hands and baton markers as they glow from within a black expanse.

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From the SNR025J1 and its rotating compass bezel to the limited edition SNR045J1 and its striking green colourway to everything else in the range, each model brings something unique to the table. Meanwhile, a classic design language persists, as does the ergonomic fit, robust construction, radiant reflection, and copious functionality. Get one for yourself this holiday season or one for the thrill-seeker in your life. And so the spirit of adventure lives on…

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