Hennessy X Louis Vuitton trunk

Hennessy X Louis Vuitton Crystal Decanter and Trunk Collab

Luxury is the hallmark of many brands, but perhaps none so much so as Hennessy and . The two iconic companies have come together to combine what each has made both individually great.

The Hennessy X Louis Vuitton trunk is the result.

The trunk is handcrafted in France and is lined with high-quality leather that bears the trademark Louis Vuitton monogram pattern. When the trunk is opened, a mini-bar is revealed, complete with four magnum-sized crystal decanters filled with Paradis Imperial—an exclusive cognac from Hennessy. Aged for more than a century in French oak barrels, Paradis Imperial is sourced from one of the oldest barrelhouses in world.

The trunk doesn’t force you to enjoy such a premium liquor alone, however. It comes with enough crystal stemware and supplies for up to 18 people. Hennessy’s eight generation Master Blender provided input on the accessories. The trunk also holds an additional Nomad Case for transporting an individual magnum of Paradis Imperial.

The trunk is available for purchase and is priced at USD$273,000. An additional crystal decanter designed by Arik Levy can be added for another USD$3,000.

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Hennessy X Louis Vuitton trunk collab