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A Brissy Cafe Allows You to Play With Border Collie Puppies

A Queensland cafe is bursting at the seams with Border Collie puppies for patrons and coffee sippers to play with, raising the question – why aren’t our furry friends allowed in more places?

Collies and Co. of Samford Village have partnered with Zaryliam Border Collies and Animal Rescue Queensland to run three hourly sessions a day with man’s best friend.

“These cuddle sessions are open to anyone, however, once we have reached maximum seating capacity we aren’t able to take any further walk-ins to our sessions,” said the cafe, identifying the sheer popularity of the partnership.

So why then does NSW have a blanket ban on dogs in pubs?

Greens member for Balmain, Jamie Parker has proposed legislation that would remove the ban, passing it onto local government to decide yes or no to dogs in a particular pub.

“If councils adopt this change, individual pub owners still have the freedom to decide if they will allow dogs inside their venue.”

A petition supporting the legislation on Mr Parker’s website has already garnered 1400 signatures, despite concerns regarding food safety and hygiene.

However according to NSW law, “dogs in outdoor dining areas don’t pose a threat to food safety or health, so it is hard to see why simply having a dog indoors should be banned.”

“Publicans know what their customers want and what is right for their venue – they should be the ones who decide.”

Collies and Co. employ “trained animal attendants including two qualified vet nurses,” that “monitor the interactions and closely watch for any signs of stress or fatigue.”

“We encourage you to ask our attendants questions, get a cute photo and enjoy playing and socialising with the puppies.”

Sydney’s lord mayor Clover Moore is also in support for a change to the laws declaring her advocacy “for allowing pets in pubs, on public transport and in workplaces.”

Despite Mr Parker’s previous attempt to change the law in 2018, the hope is the NSW government will take inspiration from cafes like Collies and Co. and allow dogs in more venues.

Besides, who doesn’t want Rover to fetch you a pint?

General FAQ

What is Collies and Co.?

Collies and Co. is a Brisbane cafe where patrons can sip coffee, dine, and play with border collie puppies.

Where is Collies and Co.?

Collies and Co. is located in Brisbane's Samford Village.

Where does Collies and Co. get its puppies?

Collies and Co. have partnered with Zaryliam Border Collies and Animal Rescue Queensland to provide temporary puppy companions for their patrons.

Elliot Nash

Elliot Nash

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