Karlmann King is the World’s Most Expensive SUV

The Karlmann King is an all-terrain vehicle that is built like a seamless hybrid of a dirt bike, Land Rover, and the Bat Mobile. Fast, powerful, and sexy as hell, this machine makes quick work of sand, mud, elevation, or any other obstacle the elements throw at it.

front karlmann king suv car

Not meant to just be utilized for its performance capabilities, the Karlmann King is also a luxury vehicle, and drives as such. “Get you a girl who can do both,” as the kids would say. The King is one of the only cars that would be the most impressive parked outside the paddle tennis courts AND the fastest crawler to traverse a rapid stream or climb a hilly rock face.

black karlmann king suv car

Sharp, angled, lines with little variance of colors, and an overall geometric appearance is contrasted by ice-cold details like jet black matte wheels and an aggressive grille, sandwiched between two determinedly styled head lamps.

karlmann king suv car seats

Take a glance inside, and the King will surprise you yet again with an interior of unmatched style and luxury. Individual leather captain’s chairs, iconic stylings, and innovative features headline an impressive collection of considerations – including an in-car refrigerator and glassware storage.

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