The Wheels on the Torsus Heavy Duty 4X4 Off Road Bus Go Anywhere

Torsus has put together a heavy duty 4X4 off road bus that not only transports people but gear through rough terrain and harsh conditions. The Torsus Praetorian isn’t your average school or work bus. It’s powered by a 6.9 liter, six cylinder turbo diesel engine that puts out 240 horsepower and 925 Nm of torque. The bus can be configured in multiple ways and can carry up to 35 passengers. Considering most SUVs and other 4X4s can only seat between five to 12 people, you’ll be able to get your whole crew on site with their gear with the Praetorian. Each seat comes with a three-point seatbelt to keep occupants safe while traversing mountains and ravines. It’s not just safe, either. The Praetorian is also comfortable with included heating, air conditioning, a DVD entertainment system, and luggage racks in the cabin.

off road bus top mountain

Mining outfits and other heavy industries will find the Praetorian to be a long-needed tool, but it could have plenty of other applications as well. Because it can be configured into a number of different formats, the Praetorian could make a camper van that can literally go anywhere. Or set it up as a party bus for your next backwoods expedition. Ambulances and fire and rescue applications are also possible, as well as cargo and utility versions.

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torsus 4x4 offroad bus

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