Zenvanz Adventure Vehicles Helps You Achieve Camping Zen

What should you do with that van sitting in your driveway? Zenvanz Adventure Vehicles has the answer. Turn it into a luxurious and beautiful camper.

Zenvanz offers a modular approach to your conversion. You can choose from a DIY approach or having Zenvanz create a complete turn-key vehicle for you. Because of the modular approach, upgrading the van, or returning it to its original state, is simple. The design is built around Mercedes-Benz’s Sprinter van, and the completed project is worthy of that Mercedes-Benz name. The components use environment-friendly bamboo. Rounded corners on the storage units mixed with the natural colors of the bamboo give the interior of your van a modern yet homey feel.

zenvanz adventure vehicles lights

Aside from having modules for everything from bedding to storage to kitchen to showers, Zenvanz also offers every other amenity you can imagine for your camper van. You can select solar panels, windows, a SureShade Awning system or a ROAMBUILT ShadowRack, lights, tire upgrades, pop out outlets, shelves, gear racks, heaters, insulation, portable toilets—the list goes on and on. It even includes a swivel seat adapter.

Zenvanz is the brainchild of an Oregon-based architect, interior designer, and general contractor. You can tell that all those skills were employed to come up with the conversion kits. Sometimes DIY projects end up looking…well, DIY. With Zenvanz, you can be proud of your work because it’s going to come out looking stunning. And if it doesn’t, it’s all modular and can be easily swapped out or upgraded.

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