Lenovo Glass C220 Could Revolutionise Your Workpace

Lenovo’s Different is Better campaign was in full force at CES 2018, and one of it’s ‘different’ technologies could revolutionise your workplace.

Lenovo Glass C220 is a lightweight 60-gram pair of glasses that connects to your phone and runs on Android. The unit allows you to experience augmented reality (AR) through one eye while keeping the other locked in the real world.

Glass C220 applies to a variety of work and learning scenarios; from letting you gather information in your field of view to receiving step-by-step instructions from remote colleagues, all while keeping your hands free to perform tasks.

lenovo glass c220 accessories

Glass C220 is ideal for remote industrial maintenance, logistics, 3D diagnosis, tourism and more once the intelligent unit is taught how.

Lenovo Glass C220 uses AI technology and can recognise multiple real-life objects simultaneously after it’s been trained. Users can build and edit projects without any prior programming knowledge. The potential of Glass is near limitless.

There’s currently no word on a release date or price for Glass C220, although we’re confident Lenovo can help your business run more efficiently because two hands are better than one.

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