Watch this Drone Pilot Chasing a Rollercoaster

The Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden, is home of the steel rollercoaster, the Helix. It’s also the setting for a masterful display of drone flying, as a drone pilot chases the rollercoaster through all its twists and turns.

The video footage shows the drone following the rollercoaster cars as they complete the course. Helix was build by Mack Rides, and uses two linear synchronous motors to launch the cars into the track. The ride can hit speeds of 62 miles per hour, so it’s no small feat for the drone to stay on the cars’ tail. The ride travels some 1,381 meters, over track that follows the hillside and passes through vegetation as well as its own structure. That means that there are plenty of obstacles for the drone to hit, including struts and tree branches. The rollercoaster also has the distinction of being the first rollercoaster in the world to have a 1-on-1 virtual reality replica. Riders can experience the ride before even getting on the ride. The drone footage offers another perspective.

The video lasts one minute and 35 seconds. Shot in first person view, the video follows along as the drone flies around twists and turns, rising and falling with the rollercoaster and weaving through and around objects. Though certainly not as thrilling as the ride itself, there are still times when you can feel your stomach drop as if you were riding the rollercoaster. The video was shot by Viggo Koch, who has put his drone skills on display for other videos, including the Valkyria at Liseberg, and several action videos. Koch used a GoPro Hero 6 Black on a custom-built racing drone that also uses a Foxeer Falkor FPV camera that transmits to a pair of Fatshark HD3 Goggles paired with the ImmersionRC RapidFIRE 5.8 GHz Module and VAS 3-turn Heliacal Antennas. The controller for the setup is a FrSky Q X7 Controller with a TBS Crossfire Micro TX long-range R/C link.

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