Casio G-Shock Gravity Master Limited is Ready for any Level of Severity

Casio’s G-Shock watches are made to take a beating. They’re well-crafted and capable of withstanding a lot of abuse. But even they have their limits. That’s why Casio’s G-Shock Carbon Core Gravity Master limited edition watch was made. It’s meant to take on anything that you’re taking on—even the most rigorous and rough adventures.

The watch has a 50mm case that is made of a fine resin mixed with carbon fibre. The back uses the same material. This resin is a lighter, more durable composition than traditional resin. Because of this new material, the Gravity Master is able to more fully protect the internal mechanics from any shock-induced damage.

It also resists deformation, making it even more secure. The bezel and strap are both made with carbon fibre, and the buttons are made of an ultra-tough titanium alloy. The button pipes as well as the internal components are also titanium alloy. All in all, this is a tough, light, sound watch that is rust and damage resistant.

The Gravity Master also harvests energy from the sun, keeping you out on your adventure. It is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to connect with the G-Shock Connected app, which will keep you in the right time zone during your travels.

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