Boris Hermann at sea on his yacht

Meet the Man Racing Around the World in a 60-Foot Yacht

Hailing from the namesake region in Germany, watchmaker Glashütte Original inhabits the true spirit of their auspicious surroundings. It’s from this local heritage of precise navigation instruments and dive watches that their historic Spezialist Collection was born. Featured in the range is the mighty SeaQ Panorama Date, which brings iconic design language and timeless performance into modern terrain. With a little help from offshore sailor Boris Herrmann, the brand will put the stunning piece through its toughest stress test to date. Call it a perfect partnership and one that’s underway this very moment.

Who is Boris Herrmann?

At the age of 39, Boris Herrmann has become the first German to ever participate in the legendary Vendée Globe. On November 8 of this year, he boarded his 60-foot yacht Seaexplorer for a race around the world. He’s up against not just 33 competitors of similar stature, but nature’s most hostile elements. The current race record is 74 days and some boats will reach speeds of over 70 kph as they cross the turbulent Southern Ocean.

Fewer than 100 people have completed the journey since the race first began in 1989.

Boris Herrmann on Climate Change

In a recent interview, Herrmann explained that the notions of adventure have changed in modern times. Whereas previous explorers were once uncovering new terrain, modern explorers have a different kind of challenge to grapple with: climate change. In fact, he describes the search for solutions to our ecological and climate problems as the “one real adventure” left today.

As he partakes in the race, Herrmann and his team—aka Team Malizia—will gather important oceanographic data to help scientists better understand climate change. Using an onboard laboratory, they’ll take water samples and send the data back to research institutes. This unique pairing of athleticism and activism is nothing new for Team Malizia, who founded an educational program to teach children about climate change.

Boris Herrmann and the SeaQ Panorama Date

During the same interview, Herrmann was asked about various concepts such as excellence, beauty, and tradition. What becomes quickly evident is that he’s a man of true passion, discipline, and perseverance. That alone makes him an ideal partner for Glashütte Original, a brand that likewise delivers these values at every turn.

It’s then no surprise that Herrmann will be wearing the latest SeaQ Panorama Date as he races around the globe. Like the man himself, this watch is bold, smart, rugged, and ready for pretty much anything. Having already passed rigorous in-house lab tests, it will now undergo the ultimate challenge.

The SeaQ Panorama Date

You don’t have to be a famous offshore sailor to appreciate the qualities and virtues of the SeaQ Panorama Date. A truly special achievement, it takes direct inspiration from the Spezimatic Type RP TS 200 from 1969. That groundbreaking piece similarly hailed from the Glashütte region, which endures as a vital centre for the development of marine chronometers, navigation instruments, and dive watches.

With the latest SeaQ Panorama Date, a tradition of ruggedly handsome excellence continues. The watch’s design language remains impressively true to its spiritual predecessor, even with ample touch-ups of modern style and performance. Speaking of performance, a screw-down crown and centrally-screwed sapphire crystal caseback ensure water-resistance to a full 30 bar.

Brilliant inside and out, the SeaQ Panorama Date employs classic dive specs like a unidirectional counter-clockwise rotating bezel with a scratch-proof ceramic inlay, and a Super-LumiNova triangle at the end of the minute hand. Working together, these two features offer clear legibility in dark or murky conditions. The hands and markers have likewise been given the Super-LumiNova treatment.

Of course, it takes more than a signature design layout to brave something like the Vendée Globe. Thankfully, the SeaQ Panorama Date meets the highest standards of stability, running time, precision, and aesthetics. Each model underwent a long-term 24-day test cycle, with a performance certificate and a test mark on the caseback to show for it.

Then we have the glorious Calibre 36 manufactory movement, which is mounted in the case and all the more shock-resistant as a result. Equipped with a silicon balance spring, the movement remains impervious to changes in temperature and magnetic fields, guaranteeing high-rate precision in even the most hostile environments. Airtight and resistant to just about everything, the watch offers a running time of 100 hours.

It’s all par for the course over at Glashütte Original. Drawing from nearly two century’s worth of innovation and craftsmanship, the brand continues to excel on all fronts. Classic tradition meets modern technology in these parts and it’s led to the creation of some true horological masterpieces. This is the art of Saxon watchmaking and it’s executed to perfection, over and over again.

With a shared dedication to excellence, beauty, and performance, Glashütte Original and Boris Herrmann are a match made in adventure heaven. Both the brand and the man are fearless in their respective pursuits of new terrain, while simultaneously aware of the outside accomplishments that brought them to this very moment in time.

Connecting Herrmann and Glashütte Original at the hip—or shall we say wrist—is the latest SeaQ Panorama Date. It too forges ahead without forgetting the past and stays the course through even the toughest of conditions. Here’s to the 39-year-old offshore sailor as he takes around the world on a perilous journey. And here’s to the impeccable watchmaker for helping him along the way. We expect both entities to make it back in top condition—that’s just how they roll.

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