Wander Workshop Launches the Leverage Bottle Opener on Kickstarter

Leverage is a new range of bottle openers by Wander Workshop that blends impressive functionality with elegant design. Cast in solid brass, these American made beauties have been stripped down to only what’s essential, i.e. a sleek and sturdy frame that doesn’t bend the bottle cap but gently flexes it off the bottle for effortless access to your beverage. This easy opening solution could be precisely what the name Leverage is referring to or it could mean the leverage you have over your mates when they need your help opening beers.

leverage bottle opener beside glass

Leverage openers are available in two styles: one is a typical hand opener that can easily fit inside a pocket or be added to an existing keychain while the other is a wall mounted opener that’s suitable for a kitchen, shed or bar. It includes all the necessary screws and wall plugs.

Wander Workshop is currently campaigning its products via Kickstarter so head over there if you’re interested and get behind the products so they see the light of day. Leverage bottle openers are available in your choice of Satin Brass or blackened Brass finishes and Wander also has an option for purchasing a keychain of the same style. That one’s a typical keychain, no opener function. It’s just for stylish key carrying.

opener key on the tray

opener key fitting with pant

opener key fitting in bath

opener key with box

bottle opener fitting on wall

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