The 2018 Koenigsegg Regera Supercar is Definitely Super

Relatively speaking, Swedish car company Koenigsegg is a newcomer in the auto world and yet that hasn’t stopped them from taking the industry by storm. The brand launched with the modest goal of making supercars and their cars are indeed super, not to mention versatile, fast, brilliant, innovative, eco-conscious, sturdy, etc, etc, etc. To keep the momentum going strong, Koenigsegg unveiled two new 2018 Regera models–one green and one red/black–at the Geneva Motor Show. Like previous editions the new hybrid megacars are sleek as hell and quite simply spectacular.

koenigsegg regera supercar open roof

Koenigsegg has made a name for itself by offering the best in innovation and performance and all indications are that the 2018 Regera will be no exception to the brand’s legendary standards. No small part of the legend comes from a resilient, eye-catching carbon fibre body and a mind-blowing drivetrain aka the Direct Drive system. That unique Direct Drive technology establishes an internal network linking the twin-turbo V8 engines with the wheels by way of gears and hydraulics to allow for some sort of synchronised mechanism that kicks in after the car reaches 30 mph, creating only the smoothest acceleration. When the Regera is going under 30 mph it’s running purely on electric motors. Take the whole system in its entirety and you’re looking at something much lighter and much more efficient than traditional multi-gear transmission. That also amounts to record-breaking 1500 horsepower and acceleration from 0 to186 mph in 10 seconds. We’ll go into even more detail on all of it as soon as we graduate from engineering school, we promise.

koenigsegg regera supercar side view

According to the most recent reports, Koenigsegg plans to release just 80 Regeras, which sounds limited to us but is actually the company’s highest production volume to date. Apparently Koenigsegg plans to build a new plant to accommodate demand and one look at the Regera tells you that demand will remain high. There is no other way to put it: these are extraordinary sports cars.

Check it out

seats of koenigsegg regera supercar

front side of koenigsegg regera supercar

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