Antithesis, the Anti-Yacht Is Not What You Would Expect

Antithesis, the Anti-Yacht Is Not What You Would Expect
May 7, 2017 Denise Barnes

Antithesis, the Anti-Yacht Is Not What You Would Expect

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Most luxury yachts are sleek and elegant. Their angular lines and glistening white surfaces strike a perfect balance. If you are filthy rich and have everything, maybe what you want is a yacht unlike no other. Well, if that is the case, then you are in luck. Antithesis, The Anti-Yacht, a vision from industrial designer Rishi Soman, certainly stands out amongst the rest. This futuristic yacht is the exact opposite of traditional luxury yachts. Inspired by the F-117, Antithesis, The Anti-Yacht does not skimp on luxury. It is equipped with an infinity pool and a private heliport. What makes this vessel stand out is its unique appearance. The Anti-Yacht looks absolutely nothing like what you would expect a luxury yacht to look like.

Soman says that he built this ship to stand out amongst the crop of mega-yachts. He wanted to explore new possibilities in yacht design. Soman certainly has accomplished this goal as the Anti-Yacht certainly stands out. It is inspired by modern architecture, which can be seen in the monochrome surfaces, blacked-out look and angular lines of this ship. The hull is constructed of an all-black carbon fibre. There is an elevated infinity pool and an extensive patio opens to the sea. A giant helipad is located on the stern, as well.

An elevated rectangular-shaped compartment houses the living area and an all-glass bridge. This elevated area provides shade to the infinity pool below. Also located on the lower deck is a dining area that looks like it has plenty of room for entertaining. The main stairs have accent lighting, and there is lots of live greenery throughout the living areas, providing a stark contrast to the dark angled lines.

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