The Zapata Flyride Aerial Jet Ski Simplifies Hydroflying

Making an extreme sport accessible to all is the purpose behind the Zapata Flyride Aerial Jet Ski. No doubt you’ve seen hydroflying before. The system uses water jets to lift the flyer out of the water, allowing for aerial acrobatics. The Flyride Aerial Jet Ski takes that concept and simplifies it so that even novice amateurs can experience the thrill.

zapata flyride aerial jet ski front

The Flyride Aerial Jet Ski is exactly what it sounds like. It take the same basic build of the familiar personal watercraft—a jet ski—and replaces the motor with water jets. If you can drive a jet ski, you can drive the Flyride Aerial Jet Ski. As far as handling goes, there is only one difference: the addition of up and down controls. Turning hasn’t changed; just turn the handlebars in the direction you want to go. Internal sensors allow the Flyride Aerial Jet Ski to balance itself, making it even easier to pick up its use. Those same sensors make automated barrel rolls a possibility. Thanks to its 300 HP PWC, the Flyride can support up to 440 pounds of weight—easily two passengers. Making things even easier, the Flyride can take off and land on the beach, eliminating the need of being in open water to start. What’s more, it’s wireless ready, allowing the Flyride to be controlled with an optional EMK Brain. The Flyride Aerial Jet Ski can be used with all major brands of personal watercrafts. All you need is the appropriate adapter.

Check it out

zapata flyride aerial jet ski handle

zapata flyride aerial jet ski top

zapata flyride aerial jet ski back side

zapata flyride aerial jet ski personal watercraft

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