Treadly Ultrathin Treadmills are Going to Change the Way We Exercise

Everyone wants a treadmill. It means no more trips to the gym, you can get a workout in whenever you want, you don’t have to dress-up to get a run in… but the problem is that most people, unless they have resigned to suburbia, don’t have ample space to house one. That is no longer an issue with Treadly – the only treadmill that can be moved and stored anywhere, with ease. It weighs less than your 10-year-old at 55 lbs and is only three and a half inches thick.

Treadly looks amazing, stores anywhere, and adapts to you and your workout plan. Built with a new ‘human infrared stepping technology’, this machine tracks your position and adjusts speeds accordingly, without you ever having to press a button or turn a knob. Treadly is not a gimmick either. With 7 patents on unique technologies and designs this workout implement has revolutionized treadmill usability, functionality, and safety.

As complex of a machine as this is, its beautifully engineered minimalist design is maybe what’s most impressive about it. The simple layout and no-frills-look is sure to redefine the future of treadmills. That being said, the flat and reserved look can transform a bit if you wish to incorporate the hydraulic handrail. When the handrail is flipped up, the maximum speed increases from 3.7 mph to 5 mph. The two speeds that most people walk and run at, to make sure that all types of workouts are accounted for.

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