Seven Decades of Performance Led to this Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 70th Anniversary Speedster Concept proudly puts on display everything Porsche has learned about performance. In style, it’s a link back to the first Porsche 356 Roadster, which first received its operating permit June 8, 1948. The concept’s design has a shorter window frame with a more aggressive incline on the windscreen. The result of shorter windows is a stockier look and feel, with a low fly line. A carbon fibre rear cover camouflages the roll-over protection and creates the “double bubble” look so popular with Porsche sportscars.

steering wheel porsche 911 car

While body and looks may be a tribute to an era 70 years gone, the engine is most definitely not. The Speedster Concept boasts an engine derived from current GT models and was developed by the Porsche Motorsport Centre. The six-cylinder flat engine delivers over 500 horsepower to the six-speed manual transmission. The chassis is basically the chassis of a 911 GT3. The wheels are center locking, the first to do so on a Porsche, and measure 21 inches. The exhaust system is titanium.

top view porsche speedster

The car’s open, convertible format is protected by a tonneau cover when not in use. And you’ll want to cover the interior to protect its Cognac leather and the rest of the interior.

looking glass porsche speedster

The biggest challenge of this incredible design will be its availability. Projected delivery is in 2019, with no firm decisions having been shared in regard to its production version.

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upholstery speedster 911 porsche vehicle

911 porsche speedster back view

front view porsche speedster car

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