Gravel Makes Travel Comfortable with Their Blanket Kickstarter

Gravel gets its name from the sound your wheels make when you get off the pavement and onto dirt roads, and that’s the sound they want you to hear more of.

Their newest Kickstarter may not have much to do with dirt roads, but it is all about making your travel experience more comfortable and bearable.

Travel Blanket by Gravel

Airport terminals aren’t exactly known as the most comfortable of locations. You can’t exactly bring along your favorite quilt, no matter how much you’re able to pack it down into your carry-on. Gravel’s Layover Blanket is the solution.

travel blanket use in plane

The Layover is made of a breathable nylon shell that has an insulated core to keep you warm and cosy regardless of your situation. Despite being a warm cover, the Layover is supremely packable, packing down to roughly the size of your fists and weighing 35 per cent lighter than your pair of Nike Free shoes.

gravel travel blanket

It comes in a small stuff sack with a clip that allows you to attach it to your backpack or luggage so that it is always with you. The blanket also combats cold drafts with a leg pocket that has an insulated foot pouch. There’s also a microfleece-lined kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm.

how to keep gravel travel blanket

An additional envelope pocket will keep your passport, headphones, and boarding pass safe. That same pocket can be reversed so that the blanket can be folded into a pillow.

The blanket is water resistant, spill-proof, and features snaps to keep it snug around you

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