Super Straps Make Heavy Backpacks Light Work

Super Straps is the world’s first and only backpack booster designed to relieve your shoulder and back tension instantaneously. It lifts 12kg of force off of your neck and can lighten your load by up to 40%. It’s not witchcraft. It’s science.

In the morning, your backpack feels light and manageable. But by your second coffee, the weight is already dragging you down. This means your muscles are tired and strained. Carrying excessive weight for too long can cause severe damage to your back and neck.

Super Straps works by distributing the weight of a backpack across 5x the surface area of your back, shifting weight from your neck to the base of your spine, right to where its supposed to be.

super straps hide behind regular backpack strap

The Super Straps technology is subtle. It comprises straps, zips and pulleys that hides behind your ordinary backpack straps and activate in one second flat. When you feel your pack getting heavy, Super Straps instantly takes the weight, making your pack lighter, unloading the tension. You will be able to walk upright and improve your posture.

Super Straps offer a universal fit making every backpack ergonomic. The straps are made with ultra-cushy padding that never pinches or digs-in. The system provides over 100,000 activations so they are guaranteed to outlive your pack.

super straps fit to any ordinary backpack

Super Straps is created by Better Back who’s funding its technology on Kickstarter. Better Back has raised over 350k on its humble target of 30k, and there’s still over a month of its crowdfunding campaign remaining.

So its agreed. Super Straps is a must have for any hiker or traveller who relies on a backpack. You can lock in the straps for the low price of USD $49. Shipping is expected October 2018.

Try fitting Super Straps to the Roden Gray x Herschel Supply Backpack or take your urban travel to the next level with Black Ember’s Citadel Modular pack.

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