The Valet Tray – How the Quintessential Gentleman Remains Organised

Valet trays are the necessary accessory for the quintessential gentleman who understands the importance of being organised. He has no time for tomfoolery, especially when an important rendezvous is on the horizon. This is why On Those Trays is launching a line of valet trays that are as simple as they are elegant. Position the valet tray in your office or abode, and you will be satisfied by knowing the precise location of your wallet, phone and keys at all times. No more mad scrambles for your essentials when you should’ve been out the door ten minutes ago – A gentleman doesn’t scramble.

The Valet Tray is crafted from the finest Australian Jarrah and European Beech timber, sustainably harvested by Gentlemen. The tray is available in your choice of three colours: Natural Jarrah, Natural European Beech and Stained European Beech. You can pre-order a valet tray now.

Check it out

valet trays wood color

valet trays rose color

valet trays on the table

valet trays on table whiskey in the hand

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