DJI’s Spark Just Raised The Mini-Drone Bar

Chinese drone giant DJI are the undisputed trade leaders in this hugely expanding field of technology, and have led the way in the industry since their humble beginnings back in 2006. From high-end flyers which will shoot in 4K HD, smart technology that allows some models to fly indoors, and a raft of professional applications including filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue and energy infrastructure, these guys don’t stop tweaking, developing and improving their huge stable of seriously advanced products.

If you find the whole drone thing a little inaccessible, or too much effort, you’re not alone. They can be expensive, and the top of the line ones take some practice before you can confidently pilot them to really push their limits and get the best results.

dji spark mini drone light

But this one is neither. This is the Spark, just released by DJI, which is giving the personal drone market a big shake up. With all of the features you’ve come to expect from anything made by DJI, it’s a top-of-the-line flying 12MP camera which can shoot video and stills, stay in the sky for 16 minutes, fly at 50 km/h, detect and track a moving target and travel up to 2 km from the pilot. Best of all? The whole thing works from a smartphone app, with presets for easy filming. Just tap on your target and tell the Spark what you’d like it to do.

people watching dji spark mini drone

It also features facial recognition, and will jump to life, hovering at eye-level when it sees you. It then responds to hand-gestures, making it possible to film and take incredible photos without the use of the app.

If you think that this all sounds too good to have a reasonable price tag, we’re pleased to tell you that it comes in at under a grand. AUD $859, in fact. That’s not a typo. Sold? We are.

Check it out

dji spark mini drone back side

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