PowerDolphin Underwater Drone is a Real Game Changer

PowerDolphin is the world’s first multi-functional water drone, and it’s arriving soon to change the way we surf, swim and fish this summer.

Equipped with a 220° dual-joint rotation camera, the PowerDolphin can capture 4K UHD footage at the heart of your surf action. The camera can rotate 70° above water and 150° below the water, sending real-time 1080 pixel footage wirelessly to your mobile phone through the companion app up to a distance of 1000m. The water drone includes adjustable front lights to capture stunning illuminated photography in various water conditions.

powerdolphin aqua drone

PowerDolphin can travel at a speed of 5m per second, faster than the Olympic record for the 100m freestyle (Aussie Eamon Sullivan holds it by the way). If their budgets allow for it, lifesavers could use PowerDolphin’s robust design and 3-speed gears to tow and remotely release lifejackets, lifebuoys and other rescue equipment quickly and efficiently. The drone can act as a first responder and potentially reach struggling swimmers and marine incidents before emergency services.

For the fisherman, PowerDolphin has an integrated fish finder called PowerSeeker to detect fish within a range of 131ft (40m), then travels by waypoint to the perfect fishing spot utilising the built-in sonar GPS to plot the ocean floor. The drone can tow hooks, lure fish, release bait and capture fish at a distance of up to 1000m, reaching further than a fishing rod. Once the fish bites down on the bait, PowerDolphin will automatically drag itself back to the controller.

powervision dolphin drone

The PowerDolphin water drone comes from PowerVision, A global leader focusing on UAV-related products and services including smart drones, data visualisation and forecasting, virtual reality and augmented reality. The company first made its way onto our radar in 2016 with the launch of its PowerEgg camera drone.

There’s currently no word on a release date or price for the PowerDolphin although we’ve been told to expect it sometime throughout the Australian Summer. If you need a drone right now, there’s always the more expensive PowerRay drone which is currently heavily discounted.

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powervision power dolphin water drone