Samsung Launches its First Quantum Dot Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung has launched its first quantum dot curved gaming monitor that’s been engineered to deliver stunning colour, accuracy, quality and arguably what is lacking in a lot of modern tech – longevity. Designed specifically to benefit modern gamers, the CFG70 monitor provides you with a competitive edge, delivering a lightning fast response time, high refresh rate, and supreme comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. The monitor’s curve is formatted to match the natural curve of the human eye and to provide comfortable viewing during extended gaming sessions, which is, of course, the only kind of session there is.

samsung quantum dot monitor with amd freesync options

The quantum dot technology brings games to life like never before, expressing brilliant and accurate colour across a 125 per cent sRGB spectrum, and a 3000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio that reveals hidden depths of detail in both light and dark graphics. LED lighting further creates a lifelike presentation and keeps users focused during their most critical in-game moments, while the motion blur reduction synchronises the on and off of the LED backlighting with the image frame for a 1ms moving picture response time (MPRT) and minimal ghosting across the entire screen.

samsung quantum dot monitor with high contrast ratio

A series of user-friendly features including a dedicated gaming interface with an intuitive settings dashboard allows gamers to modify and personalise gameplay settings. Each CFG70 monitor also offers a series of hotkeys on the front and back of the display, allowing easy adjustment of gameplay settings in the heat of the moment. Pre-factory calibration was performed to ensure compatibility with FPS, RPG, RTS and AOS genres. The CFG70 also is available in either Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync options, enabling the screen’s 144 Hz refresh rate to synchronise with graphics cards.

The Japan Institute of Design Promotion recently named the CFG70 recipient of its annual Good Design Awards, which honours technologies that “improve the quality of life, industry and society”. The Japanese are known for designing some of the most hard-core gaming experiences and would know better than anyone.

The new curved gaming monitor range is available now in 24 and 27-inch models.

samsung quantum dot curved gaming monitor front view

samsung quantum dot curved gaming monitor backside view

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