The Drone Killer Takes Down Enemy Drones (And Could Soon be Available to The Public)

The Drone Killer is the future of warfare. Drones have become a staple of military equipment. Unfortunately, those drones have fallen into the hands of those seeking to do evil. The device is a light and modular weapon that looks like a blaster out of a sci-fi story. The Drone Killer works by jamming the signal used to control drones, causing them to either drop from the sky or return to the operator.

drone killer toy

The Drone Killers may look like a laser gun, but they actually don’t shoot out a beam. Instead, they flood an area with a jamming signal, so there’s no need to be a sniper-level shot. Additionally, they can detect drones that you may not see with your naked eye. Drone Killers are in use by the U.S. military as well as by law enforcement officers. They can be used to stop attacks on any number of locations, including stadiums and other large gatherings.

And it’s not just the military or law enforcement that have been using the Drone Killer. Game of Thrones used Drone Killers during production to prevent any leaks of what they were working on. In the future, private citizens will have access to these devices, especially as the proliferation of drones continues—so put down the shotgun and reach for the Drone Killer instead.

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