Axess Front Pocket Wallets Won’t Weigh You Down

Tuscany is a region of Italy best known for its art, fine wine and cheese but it should come as no surprise that the Italians thrive at everything they do, especially producing quality vegetable tanned leather. Swedish designer Axess agree that there are few materials more gratifying to work with than leather from Tuscany, so it became the foundation for a line of slim handmade wallets.

axess front pocket wallets wont weigh you down

Axess wallets are made for the individual looking to replace the bulky billfold with a minimalist design because it’s well beyond time to do away with all the unnecessary cards and coins. No more bulky pockets. Tuscan leather is an ideal material due to its rich, alchemical-like properties that develop unique patinas over time giving each wallet its own personality. All of Axess’ wallets are built with RFID blocking material to protect your sensitive cards from electronic pickpocketing or other methods of wirelessly accessing your personal information. Axess’ goal is to keep adding colours and models every year. There is already a strong collection of colours and styles. We’ll let the images do the talking.

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axess pink color pocket wallets

axess orange color pocket wallets

axess green color pocket wallets

axess yellow color pocket wallets

axess black color pocket wallets

axess brun color pocket wallets

axess blue color pocket wallets

axess paste color pocket wallets

axess pocket wallets

axess many colors pocket wallets

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