Jewellery for Men: Keep it Subtle and Meaningful

This is a Guest Post from  Jason Phillips.

You may have heard that men can’t get away with jewellery – and we’re pleased to tell you that whoever said that is wrong. Men can definitely get away with jewellery, it’s just a matter of figuring out what works.


Things to Try

So what kind of jewellery should you are looking at? As we mentioned – less is more. The key to looking classy and refined whilst wearing jewelry, is to go with subtle and meaningful. Every piece you wear should have a story to tell. Our favourite key items to work into your wardrobe are:

Signet Rings

Signet rings should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. Depending on your skin tone and what style of clothes you’re wearing, you’ll want to look into different metals. Gold is great for a warmer, softer aesthetic and is one of the more conventional choices. Silver is much cooler, and also, much more affordable! You could also go for one of the more unusual choices – such as titanium or stainless steel.

One advantage of signet rings is that as well as being a subtle, statement piece; they can also have a lot of meaning. Many people choose to get an image engraved – university or school crests being particularly common. You could also look for the imagery of patron saints, family crests or anything you feel would make a good story!


iwc digital watch

Not only are watches practical, they carry a lot of weight. If you’re getting one alongside a signet ring, we recommend getting one in the same material for consistency. Whilst digital clocks have a more modern feel, we’re a fan of the old-school analog – there’s something refined about them that modern clocks lack. Plus, clockwork won’t run out like a battery will!

If you’re looking to invest, why not check out the watches that have additional features – such as being able to add on another time-zone, or work underwater? These give you something interesting to talk about, and add an air of intrigue to your persona.

Get Nautical

get nautical wrist

While leather around your neck might not be a great option, on your wrist it can be a winner. Paired with the right item such as these metal anchors from Artem Starostenko, they combine as a perfect highlight so your non-wristwatch doesn’t look empty.

Simple Chain Necklace

simple chain necklace

Go for a thin (not delicate) chain necklace – again, in the same metal as your other pieces ideally. You want to look for one with interesting detailing, so something beyond plain links. Depending on your personality, you could choose to add in a simple pendant too. For Christians, a plain cross can add a lot to it, or for those who enjoy adventure, a small compass. Think about what interests you and holds meaning to you, before exploring the options.

Things to Avoid

Half-Destroyed Gig Wristbands

half destroyed gig wristbands

No, really. You might think they show that you’re cultured and have an interesting life, but all they actually show is that you don’t wash. You don’t have to get rid of them entirely, of course; just don’t leave them on your wrists. Why not start a travel scrapbook or pinboard – you can include all your train tickets, wristbands and other assorted memories?

Leather Necklaces

leather necklaces

If it’s something you can buy from a tacky tourist shop, you shouldn’t be wearing it. There are some rare leather necklaces that can work – usually the thicker, handwoven types – but the thin shoelace type cords are definitely not among them.

Thick, Chain Necklaces

thick chain necklaces

On the other end of the spectrum are the chunky chain necklaces. If it looks like a bike chain, it shouldn’t be around your neck. Remember: less is more.

Enough Rings to be a Knuckleduster

costume jewellery rings

This isn’t a good look on anyone. If you look like your punches could leave a ring-shaped imprint on a wall, it’s time to take a few off. We’ll look at what rings you can and should wear later, but for now, just take them all off and give your fingers a break!

Over-the-Top Belt Buckles

over the top belt buckles

You know the ones we mean – the ones that come up over the shirt and make everyone look directly at your crotch. Don’t do that. It’s annoying and what’s more – distracting in a bad way.

From our tips, you’ll hopefully have noticed a running theme – simple, subtle and meaningful. Never wear a piece of jewellery that doesn’t have a story attached, because that’s part of the fun. It doesn’t have to be deep – something as simple as ‘that’s my family crest’ instantly adds intrigue and can cause a new conversation to open up.

By Jason Phillips and!