Strap This On Your Wrist – LABB Apple Watch Strap

For those who have the Apple Watch, I’m sure you’re aware of Apple’s range of straps that allow you to customise your wrist gadget. But these straps from LABB will transform your watch to a new level. This an innovative strap that combines design and function. There’s no buckle, no loop, but a secure, hard-wearing, easy-to-use fastener.

labb apple watch strap collection

The unique concept was generated by award-winning British designer Benjamin Hubert and developed by Group Brasport, who are the Swiss maestros in high-end watch straps. These straps are made from a supple rubber material called fluroelastomer which is soft, odourless, waterproof and skin-friendly. The unique pattern is a series of corresponding holes and protruding elements that grip together along the surface to join it together. It comes in a range of colours; black, navy, olive, red and white that ensures this strap will match any wardrobe.

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