Edmiston Superyachts – The Reason Why You Work Hard

Have a spare $50,000,000 lying around? That’s fifty million; you didn’t misread the zeros. Fifty million, or fifty-one million and fifteen thousand dollars to be exact, and the Enigma superyacht is all yours. Honestly, the Enigma is great value for money when you consider its 74.5-metre length and six comfortable cabins for 15 guests. The Enigma is powered by two 5000HP engines and weighs over one thousand tonnes. That’s a lot of metal.

edmiston superyacht speedy

The Enigma is just one of the superyachts currently for sale at Edmiston, who specialises in the sale, charter, management and construction of the world’s largest and most prestigious yachts. In 2015, Edmiston sold 217 superyachts. When combined, those yachts spanned an incredible 9,104 metres in length. Not every yacht comes with a fifty mil price tag. The Akula is a 1974 Dutch-built expedition yacht that’s currently for sale, and it will set you back around 11 million dollars. At the other end of the scale, the Sycara V with exterior and interior design by Australian designer Craig Beal costs over 80 million dollars.

edmiston superyacht long sailed

Sarcasm aside, Edmiston isn’t really targeted to you or me. It’s more CEOs of global companies and George Clooney. Edmiston does offer exceptional service for owners including straight talking and honest marketing analysis if it’s time to sell. Also, if you were wondering where one goes to find crew members, Edmiston handles that too.

So when you strike the big time and decide to buy a superyacht, keep Edmiston in mind, or if you want to get paid to travel the world, consider joining a crew. Edmiston is hiring.

Check it out

edmiston superyacht feeling comfortable

edmiston superyacht luxury design

edmiston superyacht design outlook

edmiston superyacht outlook

edmiston superyacht back side

edmiston superyacht round swimming pool

edmiston superyacht round seat

edmiston superyacht luxury room

edmiston superyacht luxury seat

edmiston superyacht luxury bedroom

edmiston superyacht luxury tv room

edmiston superyacht gym room

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