3D Printed Ping Pong Table is More Elegant than it Sounds

In case you were wondering what Google Earth is good for, Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris used it to come up with the design for his 3D printed ping pong table. Mousarris designed the shame of the table basing it on pictures of terrain pulled from Google Earth.

The table sits on a wire base that is shaped like mountains, and much like the inspiration, the base is solid, being made of solid steel that was 3D printed into the structure. A wire print net completes the ping pong aspect of the table. Remove the net and the walnut table top becomes a regular table that you can use to entertain guests. The table measures 274 cm x 152 cm x 76 cm.

Ping Pong Table side view

People might laugh at you if you add this piece to your home décor—after all, it’s a ping pong table, and most ping pong tables are relegated to the garage or the man cave. This piece, however, is interesting and sophisticated enough to stand as the main focal point in your living or dining room. Just the process alone of 3D printing the steel base is a conversation starter. The looks of the table also set it apart. The mix of black steel and dark walnut make the table elegant and noteworthy. Add in the potential for fun playing your friends in ping pong, and the table will be the envy of your entire social circle.

Ping Pong Table front

Only 25 examples of the table will be made. Pricing is available upon request. While you’re visiting Mousarris’s web site, you might want to check out his other pieces as well. He has an interesting collection of furniture and ideas, and each is made with only the best materials. Mousarris lives up his dream of producing high quality pieces of conceptual furniture—the kind of furniture that is as much art as it is functional.

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Ping Pong Table