Out of work sports commentator takes to commentating real life

Real Life with Sports Commentary is Remarkably Exciting

Life has been pretty slow without any sports to watch. Fortunately, most of us have our work to distract us from the tedium. But what happens when sport is your work? Athletes might be enjoying the slowed-down lifestyle, but what about sports commentators? Where do they turn to not only find relief but to keep up their skills? One out of work sports commentator has taken to commentating on real-life situations. You never suspected that such normal activities could be so exciting until you’ve heard a professional commentator’s take on them.

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Nick Heath, a rugby commentator and journalist, has turned to podcasting to post his commentary on such mundane tasks as walking the dog or shopping for groceries. He’s been sharing his videos on Twitter, and there’s starting to be a pretty good library of what he calls #lifecommentary (a play on “live commentary”). Heath is pretty creative in his subject as well as his comments, and it’s a welcome respite from the heaviness of the world. From things like a pitched battle between two people crossing the street, to a woman matching bartering skills with a seller in a market, Heath pokes fun at a wide variety of situations. You’ll also enjoy his impassioned call of two dogs—Vanilla and Chocolate—chasing each other, a man picking out a shirt at a discount clothing store, a group of women pushing strollers, and two guys playing football badly. “Glad I’ve entertained a few this arvo with my Barry-Davies-cum-Alan-Partridge commentary style larfs,” writes Heath. “I do try and do it properly most of the time.”

Without any work lined up on his calendar, Heath’s commentaries are helping to fill the void. “What’s been incredibly humbling is that I put a post up just to my PayPal link that said, ‘Look, if these things have made you laugh, you’re very welcome to stick the equivalent of a price for a cup of coffee or a beer into the pot,’” Heath said in an interview with Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen. “And a lovely amount of people have done; it’s certainly probably put in a couple of months’ worth of income for me, which has been extraordinary. I found a way to make a bit of revenue.” And at the same time, he’s found a way to lift everyone’s spirits.

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