The Doghouse Made From 1,000 Tennis Balls

If your dog loves tennis balls, get prepared for a major freak out. CallisonRTKL has designed a doghouse that is made up of over 1,000 tennis balls. The house is made using 3D printed modules, and was put together as the company’s entry into the 2019 Bark + Build Pet House Design & Build Competition put on by the Dallas Chapter of the AIA and TEXO.

tennis balls dog house

“We saw the competition as an opportunity to test our ideas and show that a bespoke design could be created and easily made available to the public via desktop 3D printing,” explains Brendan O’Grady, the vice president of CRTKL’s Dallas, Texas, office. “At CallisonRTKL, we’re always trying to find ways that technology can aid us in the process of exploring new designs and innovative solutions.” In the case of the doghouse, the designers started with creating a modular support structure made of lightweight plastic. This structure holds the balls in place using compression and can be easily pulled out for a quick game of fetch. When playtime is over, the balls are reinserted into the structure. While the façade is made up of over 1000 standard size tennis balls, you can also remove balls to create unique patterns and to allow more light or air into the doghouse. What’s even better is that the doghouse requires no construction expertise nor any special tools. The modules simply snap together and you can make the doghouse bigger or smaller just by adjusting the number of modules that you use.

“Ultimately, we would like to create a platform that allows individuals to customize the doghouse design based on their specific dog,” says O’Grady. “They can then download the digital model and use a local maker space or their own desktop 3D printer to fabricate the structure.”

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