Knnox Lighter Disposes of the Disposable

The Knnox Lighter isn’t something you’ll pick up in the local grocery or at the gas station on the corner. This lighter isn’t one of the nearly ubiquitous plastic-bodied Bic lighters we’ve all played with over the years. Nor is it a dressed up version of a disposable lighter, like Zippos can sometimes be. This is a once-in-a-lifetime lighter, for several reasons.

open knnox lighter

First, the Knnox lighter represents the first time a lighter has been entirely made in the UK for over 50 years. This lighter really is historical, and represents something that won’t be happening in your lifetime again.

inside view box set lighter

Second, the lighter is built to last your lifetime—you’ll make the purchase of a Knnox lighter once, and you’ll never have to buy another lighter again. The Knnox lighter is made from solid brass and has been machined to great detail. Each part is also replaceable, and the Knnox lighter comes with all the tools you need to do so.

knnox box setFinally, Knnox has come up with a clever design. The lighter opens up with an L-shaped portion that slides, revealing the flame ejection port. The flint is built into the L, and, when lit, the flame comes from the side rather than the top. This does result in some discoloration of the brass, but the brass itself will age as well, making each lighter truly unique to its owner.

A bespoke piece like the Knnox lighter won’t come cheap; it’s valued at $275 US.

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